What Creating Wealth and An Escape Room Have in Common

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Do you ever felt like creating wealth is like dragging your feet like cement.

Maybe it seems like others have the Midas touch, but your efforts just feel clunky and like hard work?

I’ve been there.

It isn’t always easy, but doing things in the right order matters.

Looking back, I realise that I was so busy thinking about the outcome I wanted, I would often skip steps and do things out of order…and then I’d wonder why I wasn’t getting traction.

Wealth is like a puzzle…a game where if you do things in the wrong order, you can get stuck…kinda like an escape room. In the same way that an escape room is not only finding the clues, but it’s also about putting them in the right order, wealth creation is no different.

To get maximum traction, you need to do the basics first. Good stewardship, education, a game plan.

I see people focus on the wrong things all the time with their wealth. The focus is all about’ ’show me the deals’!

If you really want to create meaningful wealth and be effective with the actions you take, don’t be scattered.

Until I stepped up my money management, focused on having a healthy relationship with money, learned the fundamentals of investing, and build a robust game plan, my results were hit and miss.

If you want to escape the rat race…check out this vid which highlights how wealth building is similar to an escape room.

Here’s to your investing success!

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