The Unspoken Truth Being Capital vs Income for Top Investing Results

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We are sold a story, that if we can get our net wealth up to the right number, then financial freedom simply follows us.


If that is true, then why do so many investors that I meet, still struggle to create financial freedom, when they are worth $5m-$10m or more!

There is no doubt that when you are starting out,

manufacturing as much capital as you can matters.
using leverage to amplify results matters
growing your net wealth matters.
But at some point surely cash-flow matters too.

The tension between building capital and building cash-flow as an investor is real.

I’ve experienced it.

I advocate getting the balance right….and for each investor this is different.

I totally back the idea that people should (if they choose) be able to create financial freedom when they want.

Not when they are 65…or worse, hit 65 and have to drop their standard of living.

If you are an investor who cares about developing financial freedom as a ‘young person’, then understanding this tension and developing a plan to balance it is CRITICAL.

Watch today’s video to learn how my high performing clients deepen their awareness of this tension – and how you can too.

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The Freedom Warrior program has given me the education, access to opportunities, and fresh investment advice to setup a bright future for me and my family.

M. Brickwood
Business Owner NSW
If you are really serious about building real wealth in your life (intergenerational wealth) and creating a legacy, there is no better place.

B. Williams
Business Owner, NSW

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