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Are you a business owner who despite amassing a 6 – 7 figure property portfolio, is still 15 to 20 years away from financial freedom?

If there was a predictable and safe step by step property investing method that could help you reach financial freedom and exit your business in 18 months instead of 15 to 20 years… would you finally feel confident enough to make this your #1 business priority?

What’s the biggest difference between the perfect game-changing alternative property investing strategy that generates $200K in passive net income with less than $2m in assets.. and a fat, lazy multi-million dollar portfolio that keeps you awake at night thinking about why you’re paying $100,000 a year just to cover the overhead costs?

You’ll want to read on..

Here’s why anything short of having high yielding positive cash flow investments is COSTING you your FINANCIAL FREEDOM

Every day, thousands of business owners pour millions of dollars in capital into property assets with the hopes of eventually achieving financial freedom

Only a minuscule percentage of people succeed as property investors. Instead, the vast majority of them find that despite being RICH in NET WORTH, they STILL need to work in their business and to continue to service their investment portfolio that delivers subpar cashflow

Or you’re feeling lost despite doing EVERYTHING right in the property investing playbook and you’re NO CLOSER to financial freedom.

Cause what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you look back on in 12 months time when your investments are all delivering you NET yields of 8 – 12% EACH and you’ve shortened your path to financial freedom to ONLY 3 to 5 years

But first…


Do you feel like you have there’s no light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to building wealth? Or you have no viable Plan B if things go belly up with your business?

But first…


Do you feel like you have there’s no light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to building wealth? Or you have no viable Plan B if things go belly up with your business?

And despite being rich on PAPER by having a multi-million dollar property portfolio, I realised we were decades away from relying on my property income.

During the early stages of our investing journey, our properties were spitting out PALTRY cash flow of 1 – 2% NET that would only cover enough for us to be eating beans on toast for the rest of our lives.

Based on our calculations, we were about 35 years away from reaching our goals.

We were stumped.

Did this mean that we had to work the rest of our lives just to support our modest lifestyle?

Was selling off our assets and relying on risky CAPITAL GAINS the only option for us to become financially free?

And the sad truth is, most Australian business owners find themselves in the same situation as us..

.. resigned to the fact that this is as far as the property investing journey will take them.

Except, there is another way..


With all the decades of blood, sweat and tears, isn’t it time you actually started receiving some damn return on investment?

Except, there is another way..


With all the decades of blood, sweat and tears, isn’t it time you actually started receiving some damn return on investment?

With the amount of time, effort and an unrelenting commitment to growing a highly profitable business

And then using that hard-earned capital to set up a nest egg that SHOULD set you up for the rest of your life

You deserve to know EXACTLY how to fully leverage your capital and energy

Knowing full well that each year, you’ll receive a steady stream of passive income from your investments (predictable, reliable, consistent income)

And a crystal clear idea of what’s needed to amplify your investing results

You deserve to actually have your investments WORK FOR YOU, instead of YOU working for your investments, without having to shamefully sell them off just to make ends meet

And at this point in your business career, you feel like you’ve earned the right to kick up your feet, spend more time with the kids and visit that old friend you’ve been meeting to catch up with for so long

You deserve to actually have the FREEDOM to decide WHEN to work, WHO you work with, and WHAT you work on

And in a moment, I’m going to show you how to FINALLY get your financial freedom journey back on track

But first…

Do you feel like any of these reasons have you stuck?

The Highest ROI is in your business, so that’s where you’ve invested EVERYTHING
You’re limited to how much the banks are willing to lend you
You realised that for you to replace your current income, you needed to own multiple millions in property to come anywhere close
You’ve outsourced your investing to ‘property gurus’ and the results SUCK
Your investment assets are delivering you PALTRY cash flow that isn’t enough for you to live off
You’ve arbitrarily limited your investments to Australia ONLY because overseas investments are perceived as RISKY


What I’m about to share with you is a culmination of 20+ years of blood, sweat and tears

Where I had plenty of cuts and bruises along the way that have cost me over $500k in investing mistakes

But I finally figured out the path that gives you the safest and most reliable results to building a predictable 6-figure passive income and shaving DECADES off your timeline to financial freedom

If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that having a high yielding cash flow positive property portfolio is critical to successfully exiting your business

No need to remind you of that

But maybe you didn’t know that by building your investment portfolio using the Freedom Warrior framework that I’m about to share with you, you’ll see exponential results and:

Allow you to invest a small percentage of your capital that will yield you net cash flow of between 8% to 12% NET (vs. 1% – 3% in Australia)
Invest in properties costing you a tenth than the average Australian property, meaning for the same money, you can control 5 to 10 times the number of properties and spread your risk further
Avoid dealing with tenants and toilets
Access a panel of vetted international trusted advisors, fund managers and private investment deals normally reserved for the ultra-wealthy
Become part of a community of like-minded investors with the same financial ambitions and wealth goals as you
Achieve more return on your investments in 3 to 7 years than most investors achieve in 30 years
Create a sustainable pipeline of passive income that will last you for your entire lifetime and beyond
All with tailored one on one guidance and advice from me

YES, these outcomes are absolutely within reach for you and your business

… but they DO depend on you having an open mind and a willingness to learn

And to take a step by step approach that has proven to be my secret weapon for generating a passive six-figure income every single year


One that will deliver you the luxury and choice to exit your business WHEN you want and not at the expense of your lifestyle

And if you’re still with me, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my signature financial freedom system…

Introducing the

Freedom Warrior Program

Hi, my name’s Salena Kulkarni

I’m a Chartered Accountant and Certified Property Advisor

Bio: I help business owners build predictable, sustainable 6 figure passive income and shave decades off their journey to financial freedom using property

When I’m not playing board games with my two kids or taking long walks with my loving husband, Jon, and our nutty dog, Coco…

I run Freedom Warrior – an exclusive community of like-minded business owners that are focused on building a passive 6 figure income using alternative investment strategies.

Here’s what I am not:

A ‘property guru’ that only recommends you investment deals to pad my pockets
A wealth advisor-in-disguise so that I can get a backdoor kickback on the next product I recommend to you
A Financial planner
A Buyers agent making a $30k commission on a property you don’t want
An educator (info marketer) who tells you what you need, how to do it, and then leaves you floundering to go find the deals yourself.

I run a private community of like-minded business owners who aren’t happy to settle for retirement at the age of 65 and want to TAKE CONTROL of their financial freedom and replace their incomes in a fraction of that time

All while doing this in a safe and reliable way with the support of someone (me!) who knows what they’re doing and has their best interest at heart

And if you allow me to help you, here’s where I plan on taking your investment to the next level:

C. Budgen, QLD


As a business owner, like many others, my main investment has been my business to grow it to where it is now. We’ve invested in shares and other businesses, but had never invested in property before.

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I’m 50 now, so my focus is on how I get to the end point (of wealth) as soon as I can, with as much money as possible and have a good transition into retirement, or doing what I want to do.

I look at the crap return you get on rental properties, and I’ve got a lot of clients who have had investment properties that they have had for 20 years and they haven’t hardly gone up in value. And even the share market goes up and down.

When I spoke to Salena, I really liked the idea of good returns and being able to invest in deals where I don’t have to deal with tenants and toilets. Opportunities are like “business property deals”. It’s the same mindset you have to bring to investments as running a business. It suits my way of thinking. I love that there are dozens of vetted deals that I can pick from and she has no conflict of interest, so there is no pressure.

I love Salena’s saying ‘just because something is unfamiliar, does not inherently make it risky’. And it’s true. Her program is about showing you how to do these investments to de-risk them and I love that she teaches people how to make decisions instead of making decisions for us.

I love the strategy of ‘being the bank’. We get all the rewards without the hassles and headaches. We’re in the strongest position.

I think Freedom Warrior is for everyone. It’s about giving you the guidance and education you need to set you up for life. If you have got a business and lazy capital, or a bunch of investments potentially that aren’t giving you what you want, this is for you.

Dr. B. Young, QLD


There is a lot of work in property investing. It’s not as easy as people say it is. Through Salena we’ve learnt a lot about the alternative property investing space.

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Having access to the deal flow makes a huge difference. It saves so much time not having to source deals ourselves and knowing that the people we work with have integrity and a good track record matters:

I bought a lot of assets in the past that didn’t really serve us. Strategy is so important now. Angela and I are so confident now about our future. The pressure is off the business to fund our future.

Having multiple income streams makes it so much easier and takes the pressure off. I feel like we are really on track to getting to our financial goals.

The networking has been fantastic. Those sorts of people are rarities in the general population. Anyone that wants to push themselves should be part of this group.

M. Brickwood, NSW


I was looking for access to better deals. I was frustrated that I knew there were great deals out there, but couldn’t figure out how to find them. I wanted to play too.

Read more

Since being part of the Freedom Warrior Program, I better understand myself, what I want and how to get there. I have been prompted to answer questions I didn’t even know I needed to ask. I now know how to analyse opportunities and take actions to build my portfolio.

It’s taken a long time to get clear on my priorities and path, but now I am surrounded by a private network of people who can feed me opportunities, bounce ideas and help me navigate turbulence.

I realise now it is all about who you know, not what you know. Freedom Warrior gives you the education and access to find exceptional opportunities to find deals and talk to other business owners who have similar goals.

Salena is awesome. She challenges my thinking and makes it easy and makes it less daunting. She is someone I can talk things out with who understands me and my goals.


Freedom Warrior Mastermind

The safest/(FASTEST), most reliable method for business owners that DELIVERS the most efficient pathway to financial freedom without having to waste time finding the deals yourself

It’s for entrepreneurs who want to replace their business income with passive income in property so that they have the choice to exit their business without losing their lifestyle within 3 – 7 years

I’ve spent the past 20 years building my own multi-million-dollar cash-flow positive property portfolio and have helped dozens of other successful business owners do the same.

And I built this for the Salena of 20 years ago who wished she had known what I know now.

Business owners who were rich in net wealth but poor in income
Business owners who were told by the banks that they weren’t able to access any more capital because they were OVER-LEVERAGED and TOO RISKY
Business owners who don’t have the TIME and MONEY to dance with the banks just to get your loan approved
Business owners who despite listening to financial planners, property gurus and property masters, are still no closer to financial freedom
Business owners who have no clear EXIT RAMP or PLAN B to their business
Carrying expensive property assets that deliver PALTRY cash flow and won’t show any signs of improvement for decades to come
The result is..

An 18-month “done with you” framework that gives you a crystal clear, fool-proof roadmap for predictably growing and amplifying your investment that’s consistent, reliable and safe – all while being recession-resistant

What Am I Getting With The Freedom Warrior Mastermind?

The 6-Figure Investment Strategy Vault (Value $990)

Learn about my 5 buckets of investment strategies – syndicates, private funds, joint ventures, lending and direct ownership. The challenge isn’t knowing the strategies, the challenge is FINDING premium deal flow.

Access to The FW Dealmakers Network

Gain exclusive access and be personally introduced to dozens of my trusted advisors and access to a buffet of their premium vetted investment opportunities that you can cherry-pick from that have yielded my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash flow

1 on 1 “Done With You” Consulting

Work intimately with me where I’ll craft a bespoke investment strategy built JUST FOR YOU (and your partner)

The 5-Star Due Diligence Checklist

Learn how to differentiate between risky and safe investments with my support to find, vet, invest and optimise high-performing, income-producing assets.

Join the Freedom Warrior Community

Take advantage of opportunities to pool money and time with other like-minded investors to access larger, more lucrative investments. Enjoy the opportunity to mastermind together and share insights on the latest deals and strategies.

The Freedom Warrior Guarantee

I’m so passionate about partnering with you to build your exit ramp from your business and to replace your income, so I want to make this as easy as humanly possible for you to give a confident “yes”

Take 30 days of working closely with me and going through the first 6 modules of the Freedom Warrior program.

If after completing the XXX Module/Workbooks and getting your questions answered on the live coaching calls, and you still don’t feel like you have the insight, clarity, or powerful action steps needed to exponentially amplify your investment while shaving off a decade from your timeline…

Simply email with your completed XXX, and we’ll give you an immediate refund, no further questions asked.

Still Undecided?

You’re ready to shortcut your path to financial freedom using alternative property investment strategies if…
You’ve been trying to build a sustainable passive income portfolio for years, but haven’t been able to achieve this because the banks have stopped lending you money or you’re not getting the net yields you expected
You already KNOW you need to look into other strategies because the current traditional model isn’t delivering you what you need
You’re willing to invest 2 hours per month and you recognise that every bit of effort and energy you invest means a significant step closer to fast-tracking toward financial freedom
In fact, you’re ALREADY investing time and energy doing things like searching for investment property opportunities, joining property courses, etc.
You’re aware of the potential if you could 5x the cashflow using HALF the capital you’d normally invest in Australian properties into alternative investment opportunities
You have a minimum of $500k in cash or equity that you’re prepared to invest
You’re friendly, fun and coachable
You want a safe, reliable and consistent passive income that can replace our existing income without losing your lifestyle
You’re excited to try the [QUICK WIN MODULE] that will deliver XXXX
You’re excited to devour the alternative strategy playbook that will ultimately deliver you 8-12% cash-flow EACH YEAR
You feel confident gaining access to the mastermind knowing you have 30 days to test it all out: it’s simple. Either you do the work and gain access to my vault of investment opportunities.. or you shoot my team a quick message asking us to undo this whole ‘financial freedom’ experiment.

If you were nodding to 6 or more of these, then…

By now, you already know that the biggest difference between predictable, high-yielding property assets all comes down to.

Having access and guidance to the right people with the right deals.

So if you’re still here.. let’s wrap this all up.
If you’re a business owner who wants to generate a 6-figure passive income from your property portfolio, without needing to source the deals yourself.. you need the Freedom Warrior program.
If you have no EXIT RAMP from your business or PLAN B.. you need the Freedom Warrior program.
If you’re looking to make your investments deliver cash flow NOW and not in 30 years.. you need the Freedom Warrior program.
If you’re looking to fast track your pathway to financial freedom and shave decades off your timeline, then you need the Freedom Warrior program.
And if you’ve got your sights set on sustainable, long-term passive income without jeopardising your existing lifestyle, then you need the Freedom Warrior program.

If you’re ready, we look forward to partnering with you to make this the most rewarding and impactful 12 months of investing you’ll ever experience.

Still sceptical?

Text me your question on 0414 593 846 (this is my actual phone number, so please respect it)


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