The Silent Enemy of Wealth

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Salena Kulkarni here from the Freedom Warrior mastermind. Today I want to share with you is an insight into what I think is getting in the way for many business owners really creating massive financial freedom in their lives.

So I talk to business owners on a daily basis all about their aspirations to create wealth and what they are doing to fast track that. And I was chatting to someone earlier this week and I realised almost immediately what the issue was and to be honest with you it’s something that I keep hearing over and over and over from many many business owners and that is, this just a huge sense of apathy around their wealth creation meaning you know they like the idea intellectually it seems pretty cool but they’re not really prepared to do anything to take them towards that, their efforts are not consistent, the ideas are very kind of nebulous., they’re a bit Lucy goosey they’re not concrete and they really have no plan. So if you are someone who is really serious about wanting to create financial freedom if you’re a business owner then I would say to you you need to bring some heat to it.

You need to be fierce about it. In Australia I think culturally we we kind of cut down people who are seen to be interested in wealth or aspirational in some way so people tend to be a little bit quiet about it and there’s nothing wrong with being quiet about it. But you have to be fierce if you’re apathetic you are not going to get the results that you want.

So if you’d like to maybe learn more about strategies and tactics that other business owners are using to really fast track their results then please come and join us in my private Facebook group pull The Property Boardroom and I’d love to see you in there because I’d love to be sharing some of these insights with you. So we’ll chat to you soon. Take care. Selena Kulkarni signing off.

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