What Is Success As A Property Investor?

I love hearing about people having wins in property investing…

…but at the same time, I often scratch my head in confusion when the property mags hold up an investors as a success story, when while they may own a few properties over say 7 years, they are geared up to the eyeballs and have created virtually no equity.

Is this success?

Well, maybe…if you consider getting money out of the banks is like squeezing blood from a stone, you might think this.

As for me, how do I define success as a property investor?

It isn’t based on the number of properties you own (they could all be lemons)
It also isn’t based on the size of your asset base (big assets can also mean big debt)
It’s also nothing to do with equity (there is plenty of lazy equity)

For me, one measure of success is about whether your investments are moving you toward or away from freedom…the freedom to spend your time the way you want, when you want.

Before you start envying those with a massive portfolio of assets, maybe consider it might be all smoke and mirrors.

Here’s to your freedom.

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