Discover how to stop trading time for dollars and shave decades off of the retirement timeline “required” by most traditional advisors.

This Book Reveals A New Approach To Financial Freedom Disrupting The Traditional Wealth Creation Industry

Hey Salena here, author of my new book ‘Freedom Warrior’ and investment teacher/strategist for 2+ decades to successful investors.

If you have been investing for a while you will realise not only is traditional wealth creation painfully slow, but what worked well in the past is suddenly no longer giving the same results.

Don’t believe me? Check the headlines in property…

Most people want to invest in property because they see it as a way to build wealth safely and effectively. Sadly, tough market conditions and uncertainty, means many investors are floundering right now. ..and probably will for years to come.


It’s not the assets (the housing) that are broken. It’s the same 50+ year old strategies. Today investors need better strategies to suit the current market conditions and uncertainty.

‘The Freedom Warrior’ book was written to challenge you, the investor, on the thinking and strategies you know about building wealth and and reassess how to tackle it in order to create the freedom you want.
It’s time for you to think different…

If you want more money, more leverage and the ability to create wealth that endures, you need a new model to follow. This book outlines how savvy investors are using a new model to step away from the pack and develop financial freedom rapidly.

In This Book, Learn How You Can:

In This Book, Learn How You Can:

Increase passive income and amplify your investing efforts through alternative property investing strategies
Cherry pick opportunities from the right market at the right time
Set up your game plan in defensive way when the market seems uncertain
Tailor the actions you take and have more control over your results and
Develop a financial legacy that is enduring and live a life of massive personal freedom

Read this book, become the Freedom Warrior and be inspired to


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