The Current Model for Wealth Isn’t Working

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Here’s what I think is going on in the world. I think the wealth creation model that spot out by most people who have any relationship to finance some wealth ta talk us, I think is flawed, and the reason I think it’s flawed is I think the numbers in Australia is completely out of whack as you said the cost to get in property is ridiculous relative to earnings and even if you have the money to go and buy a million dollar property the amount of income that it will actually generate for you is next to zero, it’s very little like I could have a two bedroom east Suburbs unit, I might own it outright , might cost me a million dollars after I have taken out my expenses, I might at best might get 1 to 2 percent in terms of my cash flow of that asset.

I don’t know about you, but If I look at a million bucks and I’m getting 2 percent. I’d be saying that pretty sh$t house, I don’t want to do that. I feel like the industry around wealth is selling us a same sack of sht that they always have, which is, just buy, it will be alright in the end, eventually prices will go up, and eventually, you’ll reach that gap and you ‘ll have enough money in retirement.

To make matters worse, to those of us who are entrepreneurial law, have an interest in wealth the banks and government are playing with the system and tinkering with it right now in a way that they have ever done before and they try to sell up every little loophole that gives us some freedom and flexibility to go about creating wealth.

And ultimately what happens to most people is there’s a kind of apathy of what the point, my wings are clipped, I will work my b*tt off, and I’m not going to make it to where I want to be anyway.
But here’s what I want to share with you guys there is an opportunity out there where the number is super compelling like they are sexy and exciting and if you’re looking at the right place, they are the source of the project, investment-wise that you need to be looking for.

What you want is a fresh paradigm , So the one that were sold right now it just isn’t working, that’s why now my personal passion is about how do we step out and find the right paradigm because the one that that even I have adopted for the first few years of my investment journey, it just didn’t give me much juice. And the other thing is we want to put ourselves in the position where we look at what the government is doing and we look at the banks are doing and we hear about all that and it’s. Kind of amusing, but it doesn’t;t affect us. And that is the situation we want to be in like I don’t know if anyone of you is. Turning in labor or talking about coming in and getting a whole bunch of stuff which will make things even worse for people who have a lot of property and I’m kind of like, looking at it and I’m kind of like saying, Oh that’s sort of interesting but I feel for people who are going to be really hurt by those sort of reform.

Because ultimately what I want and what I think most people want, is a high degree of control about the outcome with the Monet that they invest.

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