Interview with Jane Benston, Women in Leadership Coach on Leaving the Corporate Rate Race, Health and Choice in Financial Freedom

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On this week’s episode, I interview my good friend Jane Benston. Jane is a passionate coach and mentor who helps women in leadership. As a corporate trainer and career strategist for over 20 years, Jane helps women unlock their limitless potential – both personally and professionally. Jane gave wonderful insights into her journey from investing in poddy calves to a “successful” corporate life to now running her own business coaching women in leadership.

Connect with Jane:

Show Notes:

00:35 – 01:38 Introduction

01:38 – 04:05 What did money mean to you growing up?

4:05 – 6:08 Do you think ‘get rich slow’ has served you or slowed you down?

6:09 – 8:40 How old were you when you started investing and why?

8:40 – 10:26 What are your top 3 frustrations about investing?

10:26 – 13:29 When was a time you experienced financial stress?

13:29 – 15:50 What does financial freedom mean to you?

15:50 – 16:39 Thank you

Q: What did money and wealth mean to you growing up?

  •  Jane grew up as a farm girl
  •  Wealth was always something that was instilled as something to build into as sustainable but there wasn’t a lot of it
  •  It was always about putting money away for a rainy day
  •  Money was always something that was spoken about in terms of being careful with it
  •  Money was always something you had to work hard for and took long to get
  •  Money was always about having it one day rather than the present
  • But she always had money when it mattered


Q: The belief that becoming wealth is a get rich slow world. This goes against what’s happening in the current world with entrepreneurs using digital platforms to become overnight millionaires. Do you believe slow and steady has served you or a barrier that’s slowed you down?

  •  It’s a bit of both
  • One of the things that’s kept her going has been her resilience and ability to keep showing up until something works
  •  Jane has a belief that business is about slow and steady with long term sustainability
  •  She doesn’t go too hard a lot of the time even though she can see a lot of people around her doing it
  • Yet she looks around and she’s still around
  • It’s always been about small incremental growth
  • Salena’s thoughts: it’s all about determination and grit which are important qualities about being a successful investor


Q: How old were you when you started investing? What prompted you to start that journey?

  •  Investing has always been part of her life but as a young girl, she “invested” in poddy calves
  •  She’d get taken to the livestock markets and buy young calves to bring home as breeders
  • Every year, she’d get one calf and a couple of lambs for her to take care of
  • At the end of each season, they would get sold and she would get the average of the sale
  • As a teen, her money was invested into short-term interest bonds


Q: If you had to think about your investing journey – what would be the most frustrating things?

  •  #1: Didn’t invest more at an earlier stage
  •  #2: Education – it’s not something we’re educated on. As women, it’s not a conversation that women have. You have to go seeking information rather than it being easily available


Q: People who are well-off often get told that “they had it easy” journey. Can you tell me a time you had financial stress?

  • Nine years ago when she left corporate to setup her coaching business
  •  Left because of ill health – the health challenges she was having were related to the experience in corporate
  •  Left with a vague idea yet knew she needed to leave. Didn’t have a great plan.
  •  Three years after leaving corporate was really financially challenging but she was determined not to go back
  • Recognising that she hadn’t been more healthy, more fulfilled and happy than any other time
  •  Thought that financial security was one of her highest priorities, but during this period of time, the drive and love for building something towards what she wanted and loved to do was worthwhile despite not making anywhere close to how much she used to make


Q: What does financial freedom mean to you?

  • It’s about choice – how you want to live, how you spend your money and how you experience life
  •  It was about living a lifestyle about what she and her partner wanted and very much around experiences rather than things
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