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On this week’s episode, I interview Jackson Millan, Co-Founder of Aureus Financial and the Wealth Mentor. He’s one of the passionate and outspoken speakers on the topic of wealth creation. He discovered very early on in his career that the traditional financial planner path wasn’t for him.

He started his career very similarly to the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, and created a coaching business for business owners to teach them how to get the foundations right to build wealth with ease.

He shares his own journey, pains and struggles he’s had to overcome to create financial success for himself. He now shares with business owners to help them on their journey to wealth creation.

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Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

01:19 – Introducing Jackson

08:41 – The myth of difficult wealth building

10:46 – Following your own advice

14:04 – Tensions and struggles in wealth building

15:50 – “He’s got it easy”

17:23 – 3 Fundamentals to mastering wealth

19:30 – “Pivoting” and innovating appropriately

20:45 – Who does Jackson work with?

21:46 – Outro

Q: How did money show up in your home and influenced where you are today?

  • Didn’t come from a family full of money
  • At an early age, he identified very acute memories about the absence of money
  • Looking back, there were a lot of instances where entrepreneurship and his ‘destiny’ towards money
  • When he was three years old, he went to his mum’s friend’s house who had two young daughters. Both playing in the front yard, he had the urge to round up his toys and walk door to door and selling his belongings
  • He could see the opportunity to exchange his belongings and currency
  • His primary passion was helping animals and wanted to be a vet
  • But it got to a point where he had a career counsellor who told him that he wasn’t applying himself in school. As a result, what he thought was going to be his future was suddenly no longer the case
  • He asked his Dad for advice but his Dad was great for giving advice but terrible for doing what he says
  • Jackson decided to get a traineeship and become a financial advisor
  • He recognised that in his teenage years and break the cycle of seeing his parents being hard workers but not achieving financial freedom. He thought becoming a financial advisor was the solution for that, but it definitely wasn’t
  • He worked for a financial advisory company called the Financial Advice Centre with about 300 – 400 reps in a hardcore sales rep environment
  • It was a predatory, toxic environment
  • What his perception of financial advice vs the reality was a stark contrast
  • He noticed that the business was doing things that was opposite to what they were telling people to do and none of their clients were any closer to reaching financial freedom
  • He realised that it wasn’t for him and he kept searching for a fit based on his perception of financial advice and couldn’t find anything
  • So he took it upon himself to develop his own Values Based Model to provide the financial advice he believes should be right. He’s been doing it for 14 years now

Q: Your view of wealth is contrarian. The wealth industry sets out to make wealth building seem hard. Where are you philosophically on that point?

  • He doesn’t agree with it
  • The industry is built based on complexity and relies on it to validate their value and worth to their clients
  • His entire value proposition and in his book is to debunk and demystify the misconceptions around money
  • Money isn’t difficult. It’s simple if you approach it in the right way
  • Anyone can make anything hard. Making something simple is an art form
  • He’s made it his mission to make wealth building simple
  • As an advisor, you shouldn’t be threatened by simplicity and the ideal outcome you get for your client
  • If they’re still willing to pay you for your service after that, then they see the true value

Q: You mentioned your father is good at giving advice but not with his actions. Business owners are looking for alignment with whether you walk your own talk. How has that changed?

  • Changed significantly – he inherited his parents’ beliefs very early on
  • He got to a point in his life that he reflected on whether he wanted to be someone who walked what he talked
  • Jackson mentions that there’s no better validation of success than to prove you’ve done it yourself
  • He hasn’t always been successful with business – his first business venture was a failure
  • When his dad got diagnosed with late-stage cancer business, he became the main bread winner for the family
  • He believed that instead of focusing in his advisory career, he launched a menswear brand from scratch and quickly realised that it wasn’t the right business because it was the pure pursuit for profit
  • He then ‘selfishly’ created a wealth advice model for himself that’s simple, sustainable and scalable, which became his value based model

Q: What’s been your biggest struggle around wealth building?

  • Early in his career and being a highly dominant young male, he was looking to get rich quick by trading CFDs
  • When he created his value based advice model, he found three ways to create reliable wealth:
      • Business
      • Blue-chip properties
      • ETFs – index funds

Q: A lot of people would say to you “he’s got it easy”. How would you respond to that?

  • It’s not easy. Anyone who tells you that business is easy is a liar
  • Although wealth can be simple, it’s not easy
  • Where the risk and complexity comes from, it’s human behaviour – the biggest variable
  • Ask yourself – how do you build the million dollar mindset?
  • How do you align purpose to profit?
  • It’s about pursuing a worthy goal
  • Nothing comes easy but it’s all about perseverance

Q: Where do you see the greatest opportunity over the next 5 – 10 years for business owners, where would that be?

  • The wealth mastery machine has three key outcomes you’re trying to create – maximise profit ($400k per year in profit after paying yourself), free time (the most valuable commodity), wealth (are you maximising the profit you’re creating to build personal wealth of $4m net wealth outside of your business)
  • Ask yourself: how are you working those three goals?
  • Does it make the boat go faster? Does the activity lead you closer to those goals or is it taking you away?
  • The biggest risk is that people have pivoted the wrong way
  • There’s been so much emphasis on not stagnating and focus on innovating – unless you’re clear on the goal, it’s difficult to know if you’re pivoting the right way

Q: Who’s a great fit for your program?

  • He works closely with service-based businesses and with individuals who want to be the best of what they want to do and have a proven offer
  • He helps them remove bottlenecks in their business and maximise their profit before turning it into personal wealth
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