3 Expert Tips To Increasing Speed To Goal For The Busy Investor

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Sometimes more investments don’t always mean you are closer to financial freedom.

If you are ambitious like me, sometimes it is hard to STOP and examine what you have and whether it is taking you where you want to go.

About 10 years ago, the pursuit of holding as many investment properties as I could be all consuming. But as is often the case, more properties came with added pressure and complexity.

I found myself getting frustrated with the slow lending practices of the banks, the fierce competition for good properties and the general avalanche of conflicting information in the marketplace.

It was overwhelming.

Wasn’t life supposed to get easier as your net worth grew?

So I stopped. Specifically, I stopped and thought about what I wanted and why the path I was on, was not taking me where I wanted to go.

These days my investing is simple, not complex and I am more effective, motivated and have greater clarity than ever.

Most importantly, I have learned an important lesson.

If I want to be effective as an investor and achieve my goals, I need to influence my SPEED.

This short vid shares 3 tips which I talk about with my best clients to help them achieve financial freedom decades sooner.

Do you have any ideas on increasing speed to goals?

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The Freedom Warrior program has given me the education, access to opportunities, and fresh investment advice to setup a bright future for me and my family.

M. Brickwood
Business Owner NSW
If you are really serious about building real wealth in your life (intergenerational wealth) and creating a legacy, there is no better place.

B. Williams
Business Owner, NSW

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