How To Distinguish Risk And Familiarity For Investing Success

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Have you ever felt like someone else’s investments had great returns, but you felt like it was just way too risky?

Hey, I understand. I have been there too.

It’s so hard when you understand you ‘should’ be investing, and you feel like everyone else is streets ahead of you. You want to go faster, but you know deep down, that investing in something you don’t really understand doesn’t make sense.

And while I totally preach, NEVER invest in something you don’t understand, that doesn’t mean that because you don’t know much about investment, that it is automatically high risk.

You are not always going to understand every investment out there.

And not every investment out there is a fit for you and your goals.


If something is unfamiliar, but interests you…don’t write it off as risky till you take the time to deepen your understanding.

Instead of saying…it must be a SCAM… or it’s too HARD for me….or they must be LUCKY….

…find someone that is an expert in that strategy and explore it.

It might be the difference that makes the difference.

Here’s to your investing success.

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