The 2 Games We Play With Money

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I want to tell you about the 2 games that I witness in people when it comes to wealth.

The first game actually should do it in black. I’m gonna call it SG, the Short Game, now what I’m referencing here is urgency. How much urgency in heat to people bringing to their wealth, like how important is it to them and the thing is the Short Game, this is where most people live. This is where the urgency is on “How do I create more dollars from my life today?”, “How do I earn more money, generate more revenue in my business?”. And this is where, you know, people are thinking about day-to-day spending and very little emphasis on investment for the future.

But what I would like to explain to you is that there’s another game that goes on around the outside, and we’ll call that LG, which is Long Game. And the Long Game is where far few people live, is where the primary emphasis is on investment. And to be frank with you, this here, this is where Legacy lives, we’re gonna talk about legacy in a minute.

So, the reason why I’m sharing this to you is not to say that there’s anything wrong with either, it’s not like one game is better than the other. I mean we gotta eat, we’ve gotta run a business, we’ve got mouths to feed, you know lifestyle expenses. But what I want to share with you is that this idea that you’ve got to be playing both games. It’s not one over the other, it’s not that you know, sometimes people, I’ve seen this, will starve their lifestyle because they care so much about investing in the future while in the other extreme is that those spend all their money now with no care in the future. So, it’s not about saying one is better, it’s about giving greater context to both and if you’re talking about urgency, if you want to create wealth in your life then you’ve got to bring some heat to this Long Game.

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