Why business owners are frustrated with their investments?

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So here’s the challenge right now in Australia. The market feels wobbly assets are standing still and the runway, feels like it’s getting shorter. And what we are all worried about is that we are going to fall short on our expectations. None of us wants to get to a point, where we busted out in business and were in a situation where the assets base isn’t cutting edge. But here’s the thing if you get this right then all the stuff that I’m saying about is my water metaphor, the ability to change lanes becomes very smooth.

When the Australian market is booming, and there is a lot of money to be made here, I am all in on this, and I think this is awesome. I made a lot of money in the Australian market but right now I feel that the market here is still ok, it’s still opportunity if you guys are builders. Any builders in the room? You guys most probably seeing opportunities al the time.

When you ask your assets to perform, they will do, and that is what we want. And we want to know that we can cruise through the rest of our business career or business life without stressing about whether is there going to be enough. Because ultimately what we all want is we want exactly what I talked about before, we want the capacity to know that after our cup is full, we can start filling the cups of other people.

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