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Hey everyone Salena Kulkarni here from the Freedom Warrior mastermind. And in today’s little episode I want to share with you why, when it comes to legacy it’s not how much you leave behind that matters but how you have brought people on the journey with you that will have the greatest impact.

So some of you may know I have a great passion for helping people understand how to stack the odds in their favor when it comes to creating intergenerational wealth. I want to tell you the story today of two brothers, one who became a very successful business owner and left 30 million dollars behind to his kids and the other business owner who didn’t have as big a business and left a thirty thousand dollar annuity behind to his children. Now the brother who left the massive fortune to his kids had never really discussed money much in the household. Hadn’t really made his children kind of strive in any way to earn money or to work for money. So their level of stewardship and the kind of understanding of the mechanics of money was very poor. Now that family ended up losing for 30 million dollars after the parents passed away. Within about 10 years the other the other family had much more modest means that the father had done a really great job of educating his children on how to be a good steward of whatever money you had. And those children were able to take that 30 thousand dollar annuity and grow it into quite a modest but no less robust robust family fortune.

So the point that I want to make here is that when you’re thinking about you know or whether you’re worrying about how much money you’re leaving behind to your kids the right question to be asking is not so much how much but how good a job are you doing at cultivating good stewardship in your kids.

Now if you’d like to understand a little more about wealth and tactics around how you can be a better teacher of stewardship in your family please come and join us in the property boardroom private Facebook group where we’re sharing all that sort of tactical information. I look forward to speaking to you next time. But if you’ve got questions on stewardship and on legacy please put them in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you next time.

Take care.

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